PETER STEINECK 👨🏻 is a Motion Designer & Illustrator from Minnesota, USA.


Hellavision Television Animation Show


A collaborative animation project that started in 2017. It is screened quarterly in Minneapolis, MN. Anyone and Everyone is welcome to participate. The project is not curated, it is suggested that work is made quickly and without self-judgement. The show is free, it is put on YouTube soon after it is screened. There is also a free zine that accompanies each episode.

In December 2017, Hellavision recieved a grant through the Visual Arts Fund from Midway Contemporary Art in Minneapolis. This allowed us to rent a theater quarterly for a year and a half, and elevate the quality of the zine.

Art Direction & Design

Peter Steineck

Episodes on Youtube:

2013—2015 Urban Outfitters
2015—now Freelance
2018—now Adjunct Faculty MCAD

Clients Include:
Google via Foreign Fauna, MONO, RoAndCo.
Outsiders Pizza via Zeus Jones
Walker Art Center
The Verge
Ugly Delicious
Children’s Theatre Company
The Simpsons for FXX via Afternoon Inc.
American Refugee Committee
Rhymesayers Entertainment via The Pressure
The Perennial Plate
Electric Objects
Bleacher / Report

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